We're breaking down the different concaves—AvRocker, DoubleConcave, and DiamondDrop—to help you choose which Apex longboard best suits your freeride, freestyle, and cruising needs....

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If you're in the market for a new board or just looking around, you might be scratching your head, asking, "What's the difference between all of these Apex concaves?"

Main differentiating features of the Apex Longboard line:


While the Apex series is a jack of all trades, the concave of each board will help you ride and feel comfortable in different ways. The concave of the DiamondDrop series makes for an especially potent combination of technical sliding on the hill and sturdy freestyle trick shredding. The AVRockerConcave and the DoubleConcave have their own perks designed for optimum cruising, carving, and complex dance moves. We've broken down the features of each concave below.


Apex 40 DiamondDrop Concave

Concave Basics: Although it's along the same lines as a micro-drop, a longboard with a full-drop has a deeper and steeper concave than a micro-drop. The subtle hard angles bend and merge into perfection for an amazing slide pocket without diminishing the comfortable rideability the Apex is known for.


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The main differences:

Where it Wins: Killer for Sliding and the Drop helps Ollie Height (among other tricks)

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Note: The Apex DD comes in two shape outlines: V1 + V2. Pictured above is a V1 shape, available only in the Apex 37 DD. The V2 is the most updated version, offering a wider standing platform and wheel wells to get you further over your wheels for freeride.

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Apex DoubleConcave

Concave Basics: The DoubleConcave's tub concave has a gentle curve, keeping your feet flatter while the rails arch away from the wheels for quickness and carving. The micro-drop (0.25") creates a noticeable, but mellow pocket, especially when compared to the DD.


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The main differences:

Where it Wins: Versatile Quiver Killer for Transitioning Between Cruising, Carving, and Tricks.

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Apex AVRockerConcave

Concave Basics: A longboard with a rocker concave—also known as a reverse-camber—is exactly as it sounds: camber turned upside. If you're having a hard time imagining that, picture the Derringer 28, now flip it upside down. If you're thinking,"That kind of looks like a banana," you're not wrong.


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The main differences:

Where it Wins: Pure Carving Performance

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Whether you're looking to carve mellow hills, slide the steeps, or freestyle like a boss, there is an Apex that will do the trick (pun intended). Choosing the right longboard and evaluating the differences in concaves can be confusing. If you still aren’t sure which Apex best fits your riding style, you can chat with live Original team riders 7 days a week on our site! You can also comment on any of our social media channels. We are here to help! See you on the hill.

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Published 3 years ago

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