Classic Style. Upgraded Construction. The Apex 37 Throwback was designed to replicate that rail-to-rail, best waves of the season, endless walls, ride until your legs are jello kind of days in one surfskate longboard package....

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Sometimes you have to strip it down to build it back up. The Apex 37 Throwback Surfskate Longboard is no different. Designed to replicate that rail-to-rail, best waves of the season, endless walls, ride until your legs are jello kind of days.

Limitless performance one surfskate carve at a time.


From its deliberate use of carbon-controlled torsional flex, to the Original Surfskate trucks designed to make use of its lighter-and-lower surfskate profile, we went back in time to the fork in the longboard vs surfskate space time continuum to see where today’s composite technology–and purpose-built flex–could take us when it came to the new Apex 37 surfskate hybrid.

Whether you’re generating powerful carves up and down your favorite hill or turning flatland into rippable small wave perfection, the Apex 37 longboard skateboard delivers the amazing sliding / carving / cruising performance and surfskate maneuverability that made the OG Apex so special.

If you’re a rider looking to upgrade your quiver or a beginner learning to turn and slide, the Apex 37 surfskate longboard is a surefire way to give you all the feels even when the surf’s not firing.

From the steeps to the surf, if you are looking for a super low, super light longboard that mixes in plenty of surfskate lean, you have come to the right place.

More power. More pop. Same classic style.

The construction says it all. Here's a quick breakdown:

Together, they create a harmonious blend of power, pop, and flex. Just one of the reasons the Apex rides like no other longboard (or surfskate) on the market today. Come enjoy the difference.

By reinforcing the narrowest points of the board with two bi-axial carbon bars, we bend the board flex to our own surfskate will, forcing the stretch of the board (and fibers) to happen under your feet, not at the bolts, and not in the neck, keeping the deck thinner and lighter.

A third carbon reinforcing bar keeps the deck waist stiff laterally while deliberately generating a controlled torsional flex to bring your nose around easily–and snap back with life–eliminating the need for a traditional taller “pivoting” forward surfskate truck and removing the height addition the pivot truck mechanisms come with.


We didn’t just make this for the performance. Your feet will be happy, but your eyes will be pleased too. The Apex 37 longboard deck comes with clear griptape to accentuate the style of the top graphic while still giving you the performance to back it up.

Need another blast from the past? Here's Scott holding the OG Apex that started this whole crazy trip back to the future.

Surfskate vs Longboard: Time travel expedition.

Is it a longboard? Is it a surfskate? What about a time when there wasn’t a difference? We have had some of the best times of our lives pushing the limits of true surfskate on some of the highest, steepest roads in the world. We did that on boards that (at the time) we called longboards, but in today’s alternate future Biffco reality, we now call them surfskates.

See for yourself. The proof is between the lines:

Top-to-bottom in-the-pocket turns.

We have had some of the best times of our lives pushing the limits of true surfskate on some of the highest roads in the world. The complete Apex longboard is built with those adventures in mind and utilizes Original surfskate trucks.


These trucks are 100% pure, spring-loaded, wall-carving perfection, allowing you to reach longboard nirvana one surfskate turn at a time. We’ve got the right trucks, baby. But don’t worry; due to the board's overall versatility, you can just as easily load up your favorite RKP trucks when and where necessary to match whatever perspective you want to explore.


Need to customize your setup? No problem. The Apex deck is drilled with two extra sets of mounting brackets to allow for wheelbase adjustment and can support different wheelbase settings for pinpoint precision. Hit the wheelbase that’s right for you and get those top-to-bottom turns with zero concern of the crowd by turning any road into a surfer’s paradise.

Deck Only Unavailable

Buy Complete from $339

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