Best Longboard for Beginners: Cruiser Setup

Want a cruiser, but not sure which trucks and wheels will make it work best for you? We're dreaming about this setup we just shipped out. See it for yourself......

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Stability. Simplicity. Cruising is about the trek and the destination. Cruising is commuting with style and turning your neighborhood into an absolute playground. But you're probably wondering, "What is the best cruiser setup?"

Derringer 28 Paris V3 Trucks (in Pearl White), Radius SataSlide Wheels, + Cell Prime Bearings.


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This setup is great for riders of all sizes looking to cruise with a little added zip thanks to the tight turning radius of the Derringer cruiser longboard. From its construction to its graphic, the Derringer screams simple, smooth, and effortless. We want carrying your board “briefcase-style” at your destination to be as easy as the ride there.

Cruiser Longboard Truck Option: Paris V3

Right photo courtesy of Paris' Instagram.

If you are looking to make the most of a cruiser with carves for days, Paris V3s trucks will give you a ride as smooth as a baby's bottom...ok maybe not that smooth, but you get the point. The base plate of the Paris V3 will stick out a little, providing an added layer of protection similar to a noseguard, making sure your cruiser stays as fresh as a daisy.

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Spring loaded S8 trucks create a unique carving and pumping experience that will feel familiar to surfers and snowboarders alike. If you want an even tighter turning experience, the S6 trucks will do the trick.

Cruiser Longboard Wheel Option: Radius SataSlides


Lets talk wheels: The Derringer’s tapered shape allows for big wheels with minimal risk of wheel bite, so you can cruise your street as smooth as a skipper on a glassy lake. The Sataslides are stone-ground wheels, meaning they are already broken in to get your sideways in no time flat.

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The Derringers are one of our lightest complete longboards in our lineup, making stowing the board under your arm a breeze. Thanks to its compact size, the derringer fits beneath your desk and in your big suitcase. Either way, you can't go wrong. If you're looking to chase some tail, the Derringer 33 has all the features and functions as the 28 with an added kick.

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Published 3 years ago

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