What Longboard is Best for Commuting?

Scratching your head over what longboard is best for your daily commute? Here's the run down to get you to your daily grind, whether you take city streets or country roads. From the Derringer 33 to the Apex 34, we've got you covered....

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When you need to get to work, school, around town, or to the beach, having a longboard that can turn on a dime, but small enough to tuck away as needed is key. Maybe you need to cruise through city streets or push a couple of miles on your way to class. Not everyone has the same roads on their daily commute. From the Manhattan 27 to the Apex 34, we've selected our top boards for commuting based on pushability, maneuverability, easy storage, and everything in between. Wherever you're commuting, we've got the board to get you en route to your daily grind.


Team Rider, Justin Bright, surfing the streets and commuting in style on the Derringer 33.

What Longboard Is Best for All Around Cruising + Commuting? Pintail 40


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Your cruiser needs to be able to turn on a dime. The Maple Pintail 40 makes long commutes a breeze. This 40-inch longboard provides ample maneuverability for pedestrian slalom on your way to work. Setup with S8 carving trucks, the narrow nose of the board and tail prevent wheel bite on even the sharpest of turns. Our stock setup is a match made in heaven for riders looking to bust out smooth carves on their hill, street, or sidewalk. Toss the Pintail 40 in the trunk of your car or stow it beneath your seat when you arrive.

Wheels: Radius Sata Slide 70mm 80a Freeride Wheels
Trucks: Original S8 200mm Carving Trucks
Bearings: Cell Prime Bearings
Springs: Red Springs

What Longboard Is Best for Commuting in the City? Apex 34 AvRockerConcave


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The Apex 34 AvRockerConcave is designed to maximize the possibilities of your mini-cruiser. This 34-inch longboard is built to maneuver down narrow paths with quickness. The concave lets you feel out your foot positioning and get in the groove for busting slides. Small enough to bring on the bus or stow overhead on the train, the Apex 34 is great for beginner riders. Taller skaters, search no further for your next tiny board with big trick capabilities. The Apex’s double kicktail gives you the upper hand for dodging pedestrians. The signature Apex Pumped Up Kicktail nose guards to prevent curbing and increase pop. The narrow, twin tip Apex kicktails provide room for loose trucks and deep carves so you can pair your deck with a set of S8s and surf the streets.

Wheels: Orangatang Wheels Fat Free 65mm 83 purple
Trucks: Original S8 200mm Carving Trucks
Bonus Trucks Option: Caliber II 50 Degree 184mm Trucks (Carving + Tricks)
Bearings: Cell Prime Bearings

What Longboard Is Best for Commuting in the Steeps? Arbiter KT


Photo by Ashley Burns
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The Arbiter 36 KT is a versatile cruiser designed to go fast. The KT boasts a wide cereal bowl concave that locks in your whole foot for carving and sliding at high speeds. This Arbiter’s namesake kicktail (KT) lets you pop, bluntslide, and manual all the way down the hill. This longboard’s multiple mounting options provide stability in the steeps and a lengthy kicktail/nose for freestyle fun on the flats. The Arbiter KT is sturdy and stable for all types of riding. Toss it in the trunk when you hitch a ride with the paperboy back to the top of the run.

Wheels: Radius Sata Slides
Trucks: Paris v2 180mm
Bearings: Cell Ceramics Bearings

What Longboard Is Best for Commuting in the Flats? Derringer 33


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Our latest longboard, the Derringer 33, takes the wide platform of the OG Derringer 28 and adds a tapered kicktail for tic-tacs and manuals. A natural pumper, use the Derringer 33 to slash your way to the store on a set of hard-carving S8 trucks. The mild flex of the Derringer’s maple construction, mixed with its camber concave, makes this longboard supportive for long distance pushing, skogging, and your daily commute. Carrying the Derringer 33 is easy on the fingers thanks to its lightweight design and stylish, yet functional, grip tape stripes.

With three sweet graphics to choose from, customize your ride and get ready to carve your way to your next destination.

Wheels: Radius Sata Rides 65mm 80a Cruising Wheels
Trucks: Original S8 200mm Carving Trucks
Bearings: Cell Prime Bearings
Springs: Red Springs

What Longboard Is Best for Cruising to Class? Manhattan 27


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The Manhattan 27 was made to ride anywhere with ease. It's the perfect deck for tight corners and sneaking a manual across the classroom when your teacher’s looking away. This backpack-sized board is stylish and sturdier than any plastic predecessor. Carve hard without wheelbite when you rock Original S6 trucks. Studying abroad this semester? Lightweight & easy to store, the Manhattan 27 will fit into the overhead storage bin on your next overseas excursion.

Wheels: Orangatang Stimulus
Trucks: Original S6 200mm Carving Trucks
Bearings: Cell Prime Bearings

What Longboard Is Best for Commuting at the Beach? Pintail 43


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The Maple Pintail 43 is the perfect cruiser for your ride between the boardwalk and the beach. Surfing the concrete wave is a breeze with the Pintail 43. Pair your deck with Orangatang Caguama Wheels, and you’ll never have to worry about getting thrown off when rolling over a patch of sand. This big board/big wheel combo lets you charge over cracks, bumps, and sticks without hesitation. Pair the Pintail 43 with Original S10 trucks for stability and hard carving that mimics the longest of barrel rides. With 43 inches to groove about and practice your board walking, you’ll catch the best waves of your life without ever getting wet.

Wheels: Orangatang Wheels Caguama 83a 85mm wheels
Trucks: Original S10 200mm Carving Trucks
Bearings:Cell Prime Bearings

With a run down from city streets to beach retreats, you'll no longer be left scratching your head, asking, "What longboard is best for commuting?" Thanks to Team Rider, Donny Williams, you've got the ins and outs to keep you on the move. Whether or not you get there on time is a totally different story. No watches included.

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