Longboard Tripping: Highlights from São Paulo

You never know where your longboard can take you. In each new place, longboard in hand, you discover little nooks and crannies, unseen roads, and everything in between to ride...

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You never know where your longboard can take you. In each new place, longboard in hand, you discover little nooks and crannies, unseen roads, and everything in between to ride and explore. You just see the world a little differently than everyone else.

For Nick Jones, his trip to Brazil was no different. Flying in from LA, with Apex 40 DiamondDrop Longboard in hand, Nick met up with a couple of our favorite team riders for a trip that was nothing short of an adventure of a lifetime.

Video or it didn’t happen..well Nick documented the entire longboard trip so everyone can live vicariously through all the falls, lands, and rice and beans in between.


But first, longboarding isn’t the only thing we love and note about Brazil. Get ready to:

• Face intense heat and after five minutes a rain that can transform your longboard spot into an Olympic swimming pool
• Resist the temptation to buy all the souvenirs you can find on the main streets
• Meet some of the most affectionate people in the world
• Experience one of the best trips of your life
• Stack some epic clips while you’re at it`

After landing in Guarulhos International Airport, it's time to grab your board, grab your friends, and get ready to feel the energy of this amazing community!

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São Paulo is known for having some of the most awesome skate spots and riders in the world.

Bonus: When you need a good pick me up, check out any of our Brazillian team riders videos, and you’re sure feel insta-happy:

Don't forget the longboard triple flip @ the berrics with Eduardro.
• Want some dance vibes? Check out this video with Nick and Eduardo
• Enjoy these packed-to-the-brim freestyle videos with Luke or Eduardo
• Park style more your thing? This edit from Rowin and Nick is sure to satisfy your hunger

From big New York style skateparks to infinites flatlands, São Paulo is a perfect place to ride no matter what type of longboard style you’re into.


And in every new spot you can make new friends, so don’t worry if you’re traveling solo. Here are some of our favorite spots that you must visit if you’re traveling to longboard in Brazil:

• Ibirapuera's Park: home of the dock session and events for the longboard dancing community
• Anhangabau Spot: brand new flat spot where you can find most of the riders one the weekend. Plus, you have restaurants, skateshops, and other spots about 5 minutes away or less
• Saude Skatepark / Vila olimpia skatepark / Barra Funda Skatepark – if you wanna get more technical and face some rails or ledges, this is the favorite places of our rider Rowin Von
• Bike Parks: for some fun at the pumptracks and carless spots

Our favorite part about traveling: all the new roads, parks, and adventures you’re about to take on. Step outside your comfort zone, and go! Don’t forget to grab your board.

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Published 6 months ago

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