Top 5 Longboard Travel Tips

Our Top Tips for traveling with your longboard. You can fit it in an airplane, what to pack, and our favorite travel setups from across the globe....

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When places on the map become memories and not just random shapes, or your local roads become stories with the countless characters in your crew, you know you're doing it right. You don't need an expensive hotel, beach, or mountain to take you away.

Stop dreaming. Start skating. Just travel.

And Make Sure You Bring Your Longboard


We're always in the air or on the road searching for the types of roads we dream about and know exist. Here's a shot from an OS trip to Spain.

Favorite Longboard Travel Tips and Board Setups


You Can Take a Longboard on a Plane


The OS Crew from Hawaii Sessions. Watch it here

OS Tip: Pack it in a golf bag. One of our biggest longboard travel tips is to pack your longboard in a golf bag (this one gets you out the door for under $45). It will make your interactions with TSA much more enjoyable. Plus, you can fit your extra wheels, helmet, gloves, etc., in the bag for no extra charge on airlines like Southwest.

Some airlines will allow you to travel with a smaller board like a Derringer in the overhead bin for quick access when you don't want to check any bags. Make sure you place it griptape down in the overhead bin so that backpacks etc., can fit on top between the trucks. If you have to, you can gatecheck or you can tag the truck and check it the way you would a normal piece of luggage.

Favorite grab-and-go setup: Derringer 33 (perfect for the overhead)

Pack a Top Bag:


Tip from Team Rider Sam Holding | Check out Sam's Longboard trip from Page, AZ to Los Angeles on the Drop Freeride 41

On flights, I would always put things likely to get pulled by security in a small bag: hard drives, SD cards, computer cables, etc. You can pick up this one for under $25. During the trip itself, the top bag can be used for quick need items like SD cards, tools, keys, wallet, lens cleaner which would always get packed last.
Makes things super easy when we're running from spot to spot pretty quick.

Sam's Travel Setup: Drop Freeride 41

Use the "My Maps" feature on Google Maps

Even if it's not a road trip, it's handy to collate and research all the spots you want to ride or shoot. Aftering getting road names/addresses together, using the "My Maps" feature on Google Maps will let you see how close spots are to each other. If you're shooting, you can jot down film ideas or angles angles to shoot on the map too so you don't forget. This is the original maps we had for EU Sessions. Watch it here

EU Sessions Featured Deck: Arbiter DK

Handy Packing Must Haves: Camping Pillows

This tip is short and sweet. Get a blow up camp pillow since it's pretty much a certainty that you will end up sleeping in an airport sooner or later.This is our top camping pillow pick. Bonus: If the pillows at your hotel suck, you can blow up a small camping pillow for pillow comfort perfection, and it shrinks down small enough to fit into the side pocket of your backpack.

Favorite Beach Trip Setup:Pintail 40

Talk to the Locals/Your Network


Before any trip, we love to reach out to team riders who live in the destination to 1. make sure we all get to ride together, and 2. get the inside on the best hills straight from the horse's mouth. Maybe you met someone at a slide jam, or maybe you link up with someone once you're there, either way, make sure you connect with your crew to get the best runs regardless of whether you're flying, driving, or pushing.

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