Are Pintail longboards good for beginners learning how to longboard?

Learning to longboard is all about turning to control your speed which gets you more control overall. Our Pintails setup with OS trucks are the perfect board for beginners learning how to longboard....

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When you are learning to longboard, the best thing you can do is start on a board that makes it as easy as possible to learn to turn.

Turning = control of speed, and control of speed = more control overall.

Between the time you step on a board for the first time and when you learn to slide, turning your board is the primary, and in most cases the only, way you will control your speed and stay in control. You want to match your board wheelbase with the right kind of truck so you can avoid wheelbite and enjoy the ride.


This makes the Pintail Longboard shape a great option: easy to control and a ton of clearance to avoid wheelbite when turning.

Ideally as a beginner your board—Pintail or otherwise—should be able to easily turn or carve tight enough to go from nose pointing down the hill to nose pointing back up hill. This allows you to all the way down to a stop...because gravity.

Wondering Which Pintail Lonboard to Buy?

When you're learning to ride, size matters. Just like you wouldn't buy clothes that are too big or small, the same applies to your ride size. We want you to be comfy, cozy. The main factors to consider are: weight, height, and ride style.


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Why Truck Setup with Any Longboard is Important to Beginners Learning to Longboard:

Since smaller quicker carves are essential to regulating your speed until you learn to slide, you need a truck that gives you the right amount of turn initiation. We designed the Original Longboard Trucks to help you do just that: initiate fluid turns and easily stay in control. Since our trucks are paired with the pintail, we also had those same concepts and ideas in mind when we designed the board too. It's like peanut butter and jelly.

A Pintail Longboard with the right cruising / carving components to match your local hills is one of the best boards you can learn on — and one of the boards we consistently pull out when we give lessons and teach our friends and family.

Speed Control is Everything for Beginners Learning to Longboard

As beginner, it takes time (and practice) to improve your balance and fine tune your board control skills, before you can safely handle higher speeds and bigger hills without speed wobble. Speed control is everything and the pintail will help you learn quickly thanks to its quick turn-ability.


Ideally you should also make sure the support you will get from your longboard is the same kind of support you get from your longboard brand of choice.  If you have a question, it's important to get help when you need it finding the answer.

Hit us up on chat (yes, those are real people on there) or click here to shop our longboards perfect for beginners looking to ride.


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Published 3 years ago

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