Longboard Setups That Ride like Snowboards

Cure your end of season blues with our top five longboard setups that ride like a snowboard from carving to parks, you'll be riding year round even when you're not on the slopes....

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Mid-April powder, thick enough to sit almost buoyantly on top of a season's surface shaped and reshaped by the storms, groomers, and runs of riders, brings our snowboard season to a close.

Unlike early or midseason winter storms, the sun beats down, softening the slopes, creating a cruiser's paradise. Heelside to toeside turns take us up the patchy—but still fun—side features of the hill with the patches of snow between the trees tempting. We're at season's end.

With t-shirts flapping in the breeze and post-storm, bluebird skies, our rails dig into the snow, hands brushing the snow like skate pucks on the pavement. This is what inspires us: the culmination of the season, the travels, the adventures, and the super fun runs. From our setups to our construction and design, this is our way of curing the end of winter blues. See you on the hill.

Longboard Setups That Ride like a Snowboard


Arbiter KT with Caliber Trucks, Radius SataSlide Wheels, + Cell Ceramic Bearings.


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With a setup like the Arbiter KT, you might ask yourself, "What off season?" The true snowboard feel comes from the concave and the adjustable mounting brackets for not only the wheelbase, but also the kicktail size/angle. Unlike most asymmetrical boards, we created it using an asymmetrical mold (makes sense, right?) giving you a nice progressive tub concave to concaved kick that keeps running, increasingly deeper, through the nose for comfort you can feel and see. You may not be strapped in, but your feet will certainly feel cozied in. Add to that, the adjustable mounting brackets on both sides allow you to adapt the wheelbase AND the kicktail, the way you would change the setup of your bindings.

**The real feels:** The KT's quick edge-to-edge feels like you're floating on a cloud on those fresh powder days. Upgrade your setup to Cell Ceramic Bearings for a board wax feel that lasts *allllll* season long.

Pintail 46 with S10 trucks (the big boys), 85mm Orangatang Caguamas Wheels, + Cell Prime Bearings.

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The Pintail 46 with Original S10 Trucks is the key to riding first tracks year round. Constructed with a patented single spring resistance mechanism, the S10 trucks pack the carving power you need to take on the hills by simulating quick toe-to-heel action that carries your carves deeper than any other truck. It's like your snowboard edge gripping into corduroy. No other longboard truck sports such a wide hanger along with such a tight turning radius. Pair these trucks with the Pintail 46, the big boy of the Pintail line, for a snowboard feel year round.

**The real feels:** The Pintail 46 and S10 Combo gives you a deep carve that carries you like your snowboard edge cutting easily into early morning corduroy on a bluebird day. No alarm clock needed.

Apex 40 DiamondDrop with Bear Trucks (for higher speed riding) or Paris Trucks (for more divey,carving riding), Radius SataSlide Wheels, + Cell Ceramic Bearings.

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The Apex DiamondDrop give you the satisfaction you get when you veer off the bumped up, heavily ridden trails in favor of dropping into the steepest backcountry bowls and tightest untracked glades. The Apex DD's unique kinky concave brings with it a sticky lock-in while packing grippable lines into every inch. You get that locked in feeling sans bindings and quickness to weave around the streets, the way you would around the tightest glades. If you're frothing for pop, lock, and slide perfection this off season, pick up the DD.

**The real feels:** The Apex 40 DiamondDrop gives you explosive pop and stability for those crowded days when you need quickness and performance to find and maintain solace in untracked lines of secret side stashes, steep backcountry bowls, and tight glades. No avalanche beacons required.

Arbiter DK with Paris Trucks, Divine City Slashers, + Cell Ceramic Bearings.


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For the days when you want to hit a big kicker and cruise up the side features on a winding trail that allow you to explore more than hit-to-hit, the Arbiter DK lets you explore your local hill the way you would a new mountain, new feature, or newly discovered set of trees to dip in-and-out of with edge-to-edge quickness regardless of snow quality. Using the same .666 progressive tub concave and concaved kick of the Arbiter KT, the DK offers up a shorter wheelbase and symmetrical kick. You can cruise it, carve it, boost it, bomb it, flip it, flop it, you just can't stop it. See you at the park.

**The real feels:** The Arbiter DK is inspired by those first tracks, manicured perfection on every angle or every jump.

When the snow melts and the salt trucks clear, you've got yourself longboard paradise. No lift tickets needed. Just you, your crew, and your favorite setup to give you all the snowboard feels this off season. Happy Riding.

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Published 4 years ago

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