Best Longboard For Beginners: Pintail Setup

Looking for a pintail longboard setup to cruise/carve your favorite hills? We're drooling over this sleek setup we just shipped out! See it for yourself...

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If you're looking for your first board or maybe just building your quiver, you'll probably asking yourself, "What is the best Pintail setup?"

Like most questions, there is more than one answer. Whether you’re commuting, dancing or slashing down mellow hills, pintails combine the best parts about surfing and snowboarding into a smooth cruiser for your quiver and slay at just about anything under 25 mph. To get you inspired, we're showing you one of our favorite Pintail setups.

Bamboo Pintail 37 Paris V3 Trucks (in Red), Blood Orange Smokes Wheels, + Cell Prime Bearings.


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This set up is great for riders small to tall (depending on your weight/height...on the heavier or taller side of the equation, jump up to a Pintail 40) looking to cruise and carve or hit a mellow hill.

Regardless of how you want to ride, one thing to keep in mind when selecting your perfect pintail is your weight/height.

For sliding and dancing, a rider wants to have the option to get low and wide, with legs spread far apart for maximum stability. While a rider over 6 feet might feel cramped on a Pintail 37, a rider 5 feet or under may find the length of the Pintail 46 excessive. With several sizes and bamboo or maple flex options, there’s probably a proportionate pintail for your size and body type. If you’re unsure which Pintail size is right for you, feel free to chat in and ask for advice from Original Skateboards Team Riders, leave us a message, or hit the link below.


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Pintail Longboard Truck Option: Paris V3


If you were looking to make the most of the pintails with dance moves and carves for days, a pintail with Paris V3s trucks would be a smooth criminal.

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Want more board lean?

Spring loaded S8 trucks create a unique carving and pumping experience that will feel familiar to surfers and snowboarders alike. Simple and smooth, pintails harken back to the classic longboarding experience of concrete wave riding.

Pintail Longboard Wheel Option: Blood Orange Smokes

We couldn't top this cruise/carve machine off without those sleek, blacked out, Blood Orange Smokes. But it's not just about looks. The smooth roll (thanks to its size) is a great wheel to get you cruising/carving and sliding like a pro in no time flat.

On a budget, but still want to ride?

Radius wheels are great go-to wheels manufactured with the perfect blend of cruising and sliding in mind. At 65 mm wide, the Sata Rides are designed for sharp turns and smooth commutes. The 70 mm Radius Sata Slides are a little bigger and a little faster on the hill. They dump gracious amounts of eurothane lines when you slide too!


Pintails are first and foremost the ultimate cruiser. Some folks have one or several disciplines in mind for their longboard, but I know you’re here to roll over every crack, rock and pedestrian in your path. So if you’re looking for the ultimate cruising set up, we’ll make it easy with the killer setup we have featured here.

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When getting knee deep in longboard customizations, remember to have fun. Don’t forget you can always tweak your setup depending on how you progress and when/if your ride style changes. Let’s go for a cruise!

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Published 3 years ago

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