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Your backpack board doesn’t have to be a cheap plastic cruiser. The Derringer 28 is one of our shortest longboards. Yeah, you read that right. Cut corners and carve smooth on a fully functional longboard jam-packed into 28 inches.
Getting there is half the fun. We redefined the miniature longboard with the aim of making your lightweight skate experience more than just transportation. The Derringer’s 22-inch wheelbase has proven to be a stable platform for the hard carves of our Original S-series spring-loaded trucks. The sharp carve of the Derringer nods to longboarding’s roots in surfing by transforming any hill into a fully rippable run.
The Derringer 28 Fiberglass Complete costs more than the Derringer 28 Maple Complete due to a variance in construction between the two decks. The high performance bi-axial fiberglass hot pressed into every Derringer 28 Fiberglass deck adds lively flex and power to your carves that plastic or wood alone just can’t match. The two layers of Fiberglass add spring to your carve and longevity to your Derringer’s lifespan. If you love the idea of a flexible longboard short enough to be your next flight’s carryon, try out a Derringer 28.

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True Blue Standard

The Derringer standard is one of our most versatile longboards. Made from a combination of carbon fiber and 7 ply Maple construction, this deck is super strong. Short enough to be considered a true mini but with a wheelbase long enough to carve like a true longboard, the Derringer can carry your carves or be carried onto the plane.


  • Dimensions: Length: 28″ x Width: 9″ (Tapers to 5″ in Back)
  • Wheelbase: 22.5″
  • Construction: 5 Ply Canadian Maple + Bi-Axial Fiberglass
  • Deck Weight: 2.2lbs

Premium Config

Your choice of red or Orange logo graphic
Original S6 (150mm) longboard trucks
Retro BigZig 70mm 80a (Lime Green) wheels
Cell Prime longboard bearings

Premium Performance

The Derringer Premium Configuration packs a big punch. With 70mm 80a Radius Sata Slides beneath your feet, you can expect to roll over almost anything in your way. Add a set of Cell Prime bearings and Original S6 (150mm) trucks and get prepared to rip.

Premium Config

Your choice of Red or Orange logo graphic
Original S6 (150mm) Spring-Loaded Carving trucks
70mm 80a Radius Sata Slides wheels
Cell Prime longboard bearings

About the Derringer 28 Longboard

The Derringer is our smallest all around carving longboard. Don’t let is small size fool you, the Derringer packs a hefty helping of wheelbase to stay stable while you shred the steep stuff but is also flexible for longboarding fun on the flats. The Derringer is easy to carry and but big enough let you sink your carving longboard teeth into the pavement.

How it Rides

We developed the Derringer 28 to ride like a pintail and carry like a mini-cruiser. The flex of the Derringer Fiberglass deck pumps smoothly into sharp turns and puts some spring in your step. Take a ride on one and you’ll see why the Derringer 28 is one of our all-time favorite longboards.


Must See Pintail/Cruiser Videos.

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Derringer 28 V1 Colors

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