Product Description


Our Ceramic Bearing. Cell Ceramics have built in spacers AND built in speed rings or speed washers- never crush a bearing when tightening the axle nuts- Aligns the wheel to the axle for max performance. Abec 3 rating- but Abec rating has nothing to do with how the bearing function in skate performance. They are made of high quality steel and hybrid ceramic materials, designed to incorporate ceramic into the ball/race configuration for maximum performance. Ceramic material resists wear and ball deformation from impacts and repeated stresses that pro-boarders put on their gear. They are a race and high performance bearing for the most demanding longboarder. If you want to win races and boost major air over sick ass kickers, these are the bearings you need. Rubber shields, max performance ball retainer, combined with hybrid ceramic engineering put these ceramic bearings head and shoulders above the competition. I’m not really sure why you’d ever consider riding something else.