Longboard Discipline Guide: Set-Up Suggestions Based on Your Riding Style

By Donny Williams Cruising and Carving Longboarding redefines transportation between point A and point B. Cruising on your board is all about carving the smoothest route [...]

Letters to the Shreditor (February 2018)

Kyle R., England: I'm into drop-down boards for downhill, do you have any recommendations? Justin: We have several downhill boards that feature the drop design, my favorite would have [...]

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Muses on Cruises

by Donny Williams Photos by Matthew Vickers The first time I learned to slide, I realized that hard carves and meager hills bombs would never be [...]

Letters to the Shreditor (January 2018)

Daniel W., Maryland: I’m moving to a place with more hills and I want to get into downhill skating. What kind of wheels should I get? Justin: Thanks [...]

Welcome to the Team! Q&A with Original’s New Team Riders

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of the Original Skateboards team. Please welcome Sergio Henríquez Insúa, Calleigh Little, Nick Jones [...]

Letters to the Shreditor (November 2017)

Nate D., California: How do y'all fly with your longboards? Justin: Traveling with your board is never an exact science. That said, I'll share what has worked [...]

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