Tea time on a longboard is damn near the best tea time there is.

The Torpedo was designed as a cruising longboard with the heart of a carver. A fantastic trasport / commuter board, the Torpedo excels on the flats and can be equipped with larger S8 or S10 trucks to rip the biggest hills.   The Torpedo is one of our all time best sellers, after cruising around town on this laid back carver, it is easy to see why.

Cruise the neighborhood.

Whether you are looking out on the pristine double-wide paved beauty of a newly developed street or the tightly woven sidewalks of suburbia, the Torpedo delivers the tight turning radius and flex powered longboard carves you need to have fun near home, where ever that home may be. With a wheelbase ideal for learning, get a Torpedo longboard and leave your bike at home the next time you run out to the store.

City approved.

Longboarding in the city is cost effective and fun. With a mindset for transportation, the Torpedo makes city riding easy. A wide wheelbase keeps you stable for distance riding while a tight turning radius makes transitioning from traffic snarled streets to the sidewalk and back again easier than ever. The Torpedo keeps you safe and in control with all the precision required for the city streets.

Santa can't even come close to making a board cruise like this.

Longboarding banks.

Making use of its flex and turning radius, the Torpedo out performs even the best wide wheelbase longboards on the banks and in the ditches. If you find yourself in the ditches Albuquerque or on the Brooklyn banks, you will be glad to find yourself longboard on a Torpedo.

Torpedo the park.

The Torpedo can punch its weight, even in the parks and bowls. Stay off the tail and make use of the tight turning radius keeping all four wheels on the wall. With a little practice, and a good roll-in, the Torpedo will flow with the best of them, even if dropping in isn't in it's vocabulary.

Good music, good friends, a parking garage, and a whole lot of longboards, go a long way on a warm summer night.

The sky's the limit.

Big hills or big mountain, the Torpedo will excel carving the steeps. With flex to control your speed when you need to you can stay in control and expand your confidence-sweet-spot to conquer bigger hills. Take your first step, or your next step up in longboarding with the Torpedo. The sky is the limit.

The sun is setting in western skys. Longboards are waiting to be ridden. Buy Torpedo 40 Longboard Now
  • The Torpedo 40 Longboard has been discontinued and is no longer available.
  • An old favorite passes as we look forward to the new boards to come.