Pintail 43 for cruising and carving

Pintail 43 Longboard

Cruiser Deluxe.

Dropped low, like the Apex 34 and Apex 37, the Pintail 43 is a plate special with all the fixins to satiate your longboard hunger. This tasty delicacy is 43 inches of medium rare satisfaction served with a slight concave and the finest graphic au jus (with art by acclaimed surf artist Jay Alders) to slay even the wildest longboarder cravings. Beginner through advanced, grab a Pintail 43 and bite into more-better performance.

Pintail 43 with upgraded longboard bearings

Keep Cruising

Throw some upgrade bearings into the mix and you too can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Learn more

Pintail 43 longboard design.

Longboard Design

Cruise minded

The design of the Pintail 43 screams cruiser all the way from its stiffer flex pattern down to the standard wider S8, 200mm Original longboard trucks. Learn more

Pintail 43 longboard ride in progress.

How it Rides the pintail43 longboard.

Steady as She Goes

Beginners and advanced riders alike will appreciate the mellow feel and predictable ride of the Pintail 43. Go from the mountain steeps to the coastal flats without changing stride. Learn more