Precision flex, all-around longboard skateboard performance.

The Path 37 is a pintail longboard for all around riders.

A pintail for all ages.

The Path is a pintail longboard designed to ride the flats, the hills, the city or where ever your journey may take you. It's relatively thin board profile leaves plenty of room for huge wheels, or bigger trucks, making it an ideal longboard skateboard for those riders looking for upgradeability in the future.

Fast longboard bearings are key to the path's performance.

Check your bearings.

In addition to truck and wheel upgrades we recommend jumping up to performance bearings. Learn more

Pintail shape, fiberglass longboard construction.

Longboard Design

Fiberglass pintail design.

Light and lively, the Path incorporates a classic pintail shape with the pop of the latest fiberglass technology. Get your swerve on with a pintail longboard that really pops. Learn more

Dialed in longboard carving.

How it Rides the path37 longboard.

Dialed in carving.

The Path is a versitile longboard carver that doesn't hold back when diving into a turn. Get dialed in to your deepest carves no matter what size hill it is you ride. Learn more