The Maven 35
Maven 35 $289COMPLETE shown below as a premium build.
Just the DECK$189

Maven 35 Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a few thousand more. Take a closer look at the Maven 35.

Maven 35 Videos.

See the fine tuned machine up close and personal. The Maven 35 challenges traditional notions of concave design while delivering a much anticipated boost to Original’s downhill quiver. See the Maven 35 in all it’s downhill glory in the following made-for-youtube productions.... which will likely make you want to go skate.

Maven 35 Stats

The Devil is in the details. Here's the Maven 35 stacks up.

Length x Width:
35.75in x 9.75in Wheelbase: 26.5in to 28.0in
Concave Depth @9.75in:
Concave Shape:
Drop to Angled Tub
Effect Platform:
21”- 25” x 9.75in
Rocker Depth:
Zero Rocker
Gas Pedals:
Quad-Axial Fiberglass + 5 Ply Maple
Nose/Tail Flairs
Wedge or DeWedge Front / Back:
0.0 / 0.0

Maven 35 Concave Specifics

The Maven 35’s concave runs continuously along the full platofrm, unlike traditional dropped decks that stop the concave as it contacts the drop. This Maven concave bends both ways (and over backwards) to keep you locked in now matter what. So easy to sink into, but so incredibly hard to forget, the Maven is one of an elite few to ever create two such defined pockets (front and back). While the Maven is the furthest thing from a freestyle longboard (pure dropped speed) it also incorporates flairs; tip and tail, to allow for a curb drop here or a nollie shuvit there. That said, with all the stability in the world, and no reason to hold back your high speed riding, we hope the Maven 35 will be doing more toe-sides than shuvits and more switch toe-sides than tre-flips. Get out there, ride one, and let us know what you think.