Freeride Longboards by Original Skateboards.

To see the Freeride 41 and Freeride 38 in action in the "Longboarding Freeride" video you need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript.

At Original we have been traveling the world in an effort to put ourselves, our longboards, and our ideas to the test for nearly 10 years. We firmly believe that true progression must be fundamentally founded on not only a brutally honest idea of where we are going wrong, but also on a humbly accurate idea of what we are doing right. Traveling allows intimate insight into both. We highly recommend it.

The Freeride 38 and Freeride 41 are a direct result of traveling, exploring and adventuring through our world. They are the physical by-products of two years of diligent, collective, critical analysis which has lead to a better understanding of both our needs as riders, and our direction as a company.

While the Freeride 38 and Freeride 41 may look like longboards you have seen in the past. We assure you the differences are dramatic. Take a closer look. It is not the similarities that define us, our brand, or our boards. We are defined by fundamental differences. Regardless of the concave style or length you choose, you will feel those differences the first time you ride the Original Freeride, aka. the Beast.

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Shown as a Premium Longboard Complete

Starting at $230. 41in x 10.25in 9Ply NE Maple

Starting at $220. 38in x 9.75in 9Ply NE Maple
Starting at $230. 41in x 10.25in 9Ply NE Maple

Starting at $220. 38in x 9.75in 9Ply NE Maple

Before settling on the .620in @ 10.25in base Concave Depth which is present in both the RockerConcave and WConcave Freeride styles we did a little prototyping. Eleven depths between .520in and .820in were drawn up, molded and tested. In the end .620in locked us in tight without cramping our feet on long runs.


Whether you are slanting more freestyle and want the durability, quickness and predicatable after slide hookup that RockerConcave adds to your ride, or the stability and undeniable board feel that WConcave grants you, there is an Original Freeride concave style right for you.


Freestyle and Freeride? Everyone wants both, but you can only ever come so close to doing everything. Since itís a give and take, you may want to consider choosing two longboards, not just one. Be it a Freeride 41 WConcave for max stability and a Freeride 38 RockerConcave for a more agile hybrid ride, or a Carbon Apex 37 for freestyle and a Freeride 41 RC for agile Freeride. Two well paired, complimentary, boards offer access to terrain and longboarding performance any single board could never compete with.