The Drop Freeride 41
Drop Freeride 41 $229COMPLETE shown below as a premium build.
Just the DECK$129

Drop Freeride 41 Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a few thousand more. Take a closer look at the Drop Freeride 41.

Drop Freeride 41 Videos.

Video or it didn’t happen: Check out the versatility of the new Drop Freeride 41, in person, on video. The Drop Freeride 41 is sure to add an element of slidability to your steepest hills, while consistently oozing enough style to grab camera attention. Plus, chicks dig it. Throw one of the following videos on repeat to see what the new Drop Freeride 41 can do for your longboarding.

Drop Freeride 41 Stats

The Devil is in the details. Here's the Drop Freeride 41 stacks up.

41in x Width: 10.25in x Wheelbase: 28in
Concave Depth @10.25in:
Concave Shape:
Drop to Tub
Effect Platform:
21”- 24 ½” x 10.25in
Rocker Depth:
Zero Rocker
Gas Pedals:
9 Ply Notheastern Maple
5.0in wide x 3.5in long x 1.5in tall
(3.5 x2) 7 / 34 = 20.5%
Wedge or DeWedge Front / Back:
1.5 / 1.5

Drop Freeride 41 Concave Specifics

Unbox the drop beast, you will find a defined deep concave (0.7’’) , supple 4.5’’ kicks, a sexy sweet body / frame and a flat black finish. That said you know nothing until your feet touch the platform. It truly will be love at first slide. Additional arch support allows you to feel confident and dig your heels into any stand up or speed check. No “W,” means no foot cramps while pushing. Push, Slide, and Speed with confidence and comfort.