Big soul carving  performance in a smallish longboard body.

A longboard skateboard for anyone who wants to all around rip.

Performance carving, all dialed in.

The Derringer is our smallest all-around carving longboard. Owing to it’s surf roots the Derringer excels at generating powerful-carves at slow speeds turning flatland and small hills into rippable, enjoyable, runs. Your mini longboard can be more than just transportation, and it doesn’t have to be cheap plastic. The high end, high performance, bi-axial fiberglass, hot pressed into every Derringer, ignites a lively flex and power through the turns that the damp give of maple alone (or waffle molded plastic) just can’t match. If you love the idea of a small board, but demand big board carving performance, the Derringer stands alone.

Upgrade longboard bearings available for your derringer 28.

Color up your Quiver

Whether you rock murdered out black, true blue, otang orange or abec green, match your Derringer to your style, to your ride...or to your shoes, in one of 13 new deck colors. See Below

Designed to take your longboarding to the next level, whether you like it or not.

Longboard Design

Ready for anything.

One of our top all around performers the Derringer rocks on the flats and steam rolls the hills. Don't want to lug around big board? Check out the Derringer. Learn more

All around longboarding at its best.

How it Rides the derringer28 longboard.

Shred shed.

The Derringer packs enough performance to keep you out on the hill long after your bed time. It's time to get the excitement back. Learn more