The Arbiter KT
Arbiter KT $212COMPLETE shown below as a premium build.
Just the DECK$119

Arbiter KT Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a few thousand more. Take a closer look at the Arbiter KT.

Arbiter KT Videos.

Rip it, Flip it, but always get a clip of it. The Arbiter KT has a million things to offer you, and we’ve got the film to prove it. See it for yourself:

Arbiter KT Stats

The Devil is in the details. Here's the Arbiter KT stacks up.

36.5in x Width: 9.75in x Wheelbase: 21-26in
Concave Depth @10in:
Concave Shape:
Suped up NoseTub to rear Cereal Bowl / concaved Kick
Rocker Depth:
0.6'' Rocker
Gas Pedals:
9 Ply Northeastern Maple

Arbiter KT Concave Specifics

Nothing happens by accident, and the Arbiter KT is proof of that. The Arbiter KT longboard is a 36.5 inch x 9.75 inch beefy 9 Ply Hard Rock Maple ride that offers riders a 21-26 inch wheelbase. The variety in wheelbase and kicktail setup allows different riders to commit to different riding styles, while still maintaining critical familiarity. Knowledge is power, and nothing is more powerful than knowing your board. With the Arbiter KT, the board is not only more powerful, but you are too.