The Arbiter 36
Arbiter 36 $209COMPLETE shown below as a premium build.
Just the DECK$99

Arbiter 36 Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a few thousand more. Take a closer look at the Arbiter 36.

Arbiter 36 Videos.

Get low, get fast, and get more clips. The Arbiter adds stability and control when and where you need it. Hopefully camera dude is fast enough to keep up. Check out some of our favorite Arbiter 36 clips in the videos below.

Arbiter 36 Stats

The Devil is in the details. Here's the Arbiter 36 stacks up.

36.5in x Width: 10in x Wheelbase: 26-28in
Concave Depth @10in:
Concave Shape:
Tub to rear Cereal Bowl
Rocker Depth:
0.50'' Rocker
Gas Pedals:
9 Ply Notheastern Maple

Arbiter 36 Concave Specifics

No frills, just fun. Maintaining a familiar board feel at speed can be critical. Adding the tools to utilize that comfortable confidence can be priceless. The Arbiter was designed to lock you in tight, building the confidence you need to go bigger. Know where your board will be, whether you are tucking into your toughest line or finishing off your longest slide. The Arbiter 36 is a no frills topmount that rips the heck out of everything; It’s not cheating, but it’s close.

The Arbiter rocks a .666 deep tub to rear cereal bowl concave giving just enough kicktail feel, adding leverage behind your trucks but keeping the board to a perfect 36 inches of stiff downhill perfection. If ripping fast hills and killing it is not your thing, look else where; this is not the board for you. Spread the word and mob the hills, the Arbiters are coming.