Inuitive longboard design. Unmatched longboard performance.

The Apex 37: Longboard carving performance in a beautiful complete pacakge.

Big mountain ready.

The Apex is ready for whatever you throw at it. From big mountain to flatland, if you are looking for a super low, super light longboard, you have come to the right place. The Apex uses CNC routing to drop Original trucks straight to the deck, the end result is a longboard lower than most drop-through mounts and more than a few drop-downs. More flex. More pop. More power. The Apex rides like no other longboard on the market today, come enjoy the differences.

Fast longboard bearings for hill slaying.

Speed spotlight.

Pick up some upgrade bearings and let your Apex light the way to performance. Learn more

Designed to do damage to your local hills and improve your longboarding.

Longboard Design

Lighter, more flexible.

Don't be fooled, there is a difference. The Apex is lighter than similar longboards and more flexible. Open your mind, close your mouth and let your carves do your talking. Learn more

Rip no matter where you ride on the Apex 37 longboard.

How it Rides the apex37 longboard.

Like a dream.

The Apex carves hard enough to make you forget reality for more than a second or two, but you aren't dreaming. This is real world longboard performance. Learn more