The Apex 37 DoubleConcave
Apex 37 DoubleConcave $289COMPLETE shown below as a premium build.
Just the DECK$189

Apex 37 DoubleConcave Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a few thousand more. Take a closer look at the Apex 37 DoubleConcave.

Apex 37 DoubleConcave Videos.

As Viral as a Double Rainbow: DoubleConcave Double Rainbow’s got nothing on the DoubleConcave. Seeing is believing, and we’ve got the proof. See yourself on the Apex 37 DoubleConcave. Point. Shoot. Stomp. Repeat.

Apex 37 DoubleConcave Stats

The Devil is in the details. Here's the Apex 37 DoubleConcave stacks up.

9.25 in
37.75 in.
25 in to 26.5 in
Length with PK Noseguards:
38.625 in
Concave Depth:
0.65 @10 inches
Effective Platform:
23 inches
Drop Depth:
0.25 Micro Drop
Rocker Depth:
0 Rocker
Kick Specs:
5.0 In Wide, 4.5 In Long, 1.1 in. Tall
Kick Specs with PKs:
5.125 Wide, 4.8125 Long, 1.25 Tall
Gas Pedals:
40 Degree x 1/8th in
Number of Plies:
3 Ply Maple
Board Thinness:
.334 in (vs .600 9ply maple)
Deck Weight:
3lbs 11oz

Apex 37 DoubleConcave Concave Specifics

Popped, Locked, and Micro-dropped. We like to push the limits of our longboards by adding versatility, stability, and control while still staying true to the flatland and hard carving capability native to the Apex. For the Apex 37 DoubleConcave, a 0.55 at 9.5 inch concave was not enough. We dialed it up by adding a 0.25 inch microdrop. The DoubleConcave has the nimble light feeling of the Apex without feeling hammocky; unlike other longboards that have an invasive drop, the 0.25 inch microdrop is versatile enough, so riders at any level will feel comfortable.