See longboarding differently.

At Original Skateboards we see longboarding differently. We know that a longboard is so much more than just a longer skateboard and for that reason we knew that using nothing more than oversized traditional skateboard trucks and boards, while hoping for a different result, would never get us where we wanted to go.

With out sustained development work on all components of the traditional skateboard, we knew that we could not achieve what would be possible on a longboard, designed by longboarders for longboarding.

Original longboards actively contributing to longboarding as a sport.

The system.

It was for that reason that we started work, from the trucks out, on a complete longboard system that would allow us to ride, as we have always wanted to ride. We want to ride big mountains, flats, parking garages, ditches, banks, parks and anywhere else there is concrete, all while getting that same carving feel out of our longboard that we get out of our other board sports. Our longboards let us achieve that surfing, snowboarding, feeling and so much more.


If at first we were longboarding to simulate surfing and snowboarding, for us it has evolved. Like so many others out there, we now consider ourselves surfers, snowboarders, skateboarders and longboarders. Our boards ride as similarly to a surfboard or snowboard as anything out there, but like the first skateboarders moving on from surf simulation, thats not why we ride them.

Longboarding for longboarding.

We rank longboarding right along side each of those sports and we are as committed to longboarding as a sport as we are to our longboards themselves. If you have ever wondered why more people don't longboard, you aren't alone, we are wondering the same thing. On the other hand, if you are wondering what longboarding is all about and how to get involved, we whole heartedly welcome you to the fold and will do everything we can to get you started on the right (or left, for you goofies) foot.

Photographic proof of longboarding superiority.

Longboard / Shortboard.

Put a skateboarder at the top of one of the highest mountain passes in the world, and tell him to skate down and you very well may end up with a dead man looking down from heaven.

Put a longboarder at the top of that same hill with a longboard designed to handle it and he will get to heaven first, every time, no death required. A longboard is a stress relief, a mode of transportation, and source of surf, snowboard inspiration. Anyone can learn, it's safe, there are no age barriers and no one is going to charge you for a lift to the top.

More Flex. More pop. More power.

Whether you already own longboard quiver or are just starting to think about learning how to longboard, watch our videos, watch our riding, get to know us, and then go ride an Original yourself. Your longboard can make difference, and it can make you a better longboarder. At Original Skateboards, we are out to design the longboard that will make that difference to you.

Caught on film.

Original is dedicated to expanding longboarding as a sport by connecting with riders and generating awareness in the online board sports community. Through an exclusive agreement with YouTube, Original generates hundreds of thousands longboard related views per month. Combine that with a creative willingness to excel in film direction, editing and production value and you have something really special. Come visit us on YouTube, we take pride in our longboards and our videos. We think you will enjoy both.
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How it Started.

Original was founded in 2002 by Brad and Scott Imbrie. Funded by their would-have-been college funds Brad and Scott began selling longboards shortly after Scott's 20th bithday, while Brad was just 17. With a lot of hard work, years of travel away from home, a good deal of luck and the support of family and friends, Original longboards are now distributed in most surf, skate and snowboard shops on the east coast of the United States and in many more world wide.

Building this thing was brutal, if you longboard you better be stoked.

About this website.

This website was written, constructed, coded, designed, developed and photographed, directed, edited and digitally mastered by Brad, Scott, Nick and the guys at Original and their friends, no outside help was procured. We put the same degree of concentration into our site as we do designing, developing and perfecting our longboards. We feel like this site says a lot about us, but our longboards speak for themselves. Watch our videos, and then ride an Original longboard yourself. A good website doesn't make a good longboard, but a good website can sure make a good longboard look even better. Just remember, Original longboards ride better than they look.