Longboard Wheels

Longboard Wheels

Abec 11 Wheels: 70mm Flashbacks (75a)

At Original Skateboards we stock the best longboard wheels in the world, more longboard world champions have been crowned on these brands than any other possible combination. If you are looking for speed, grip, or even sliding based slip, we have your longboard wheel needs covered.

We rely on the companies who established the standards longboarding is built on, not just the latest trends. The longboard wheels we stock are made by longboard wheel companies, not deck companies pushing a new label for some quick cash. Don’t be fooled, there is something to experience, in longboarding and else where.

Grand longboard wheels for a grand day. Ride hard, these longboard wheels have got your back. Some longboard wheels make a big difference.

Nearly 10 years ago, Abec 11 helped to usher in a new generation of skateboard wheels specifically designed for longboards and racing. Created by longboard racer Chris Chaput, Abec 11 was one of the first to re-pioneer / re-enginner the once popular, ultra wide, low profile wheel designs that have become common place in longboarding today, Abec 11 was and remains a progressive, driving, force in both longboard wheel development and the longboarding industry as a whole. Governed by the principles of speed and grip, Abec 11 has won more downhill longboard podiums than any other brand and their signature Abec 11 green has become a world-wide standard for longboard wheel quality. Whether you are looking for a set of longboard wheels for cruising, carving or racing, do what the longboard pros do and load up a set of Abec 11 wheels, for the win.

People sometimes wonder how longboard wheels are different. Seabass are delicious much the same as retro longboard wheels.These longboard wheels won't make you a better skater, but they sure make the ride nicer.

Maintaining race focused speed and adding in some of the most technically solid all around longboard wheel shapes we have seen yet, Retro longboard wheels are one of our go-to's for freestyle, freeride and all rides longboard. It's pretty amazing to find one wheel company, let alone one wheel shape, that end's up being a number 1 team selection time after time, but when it comes to the Retro ZigZags, that is exactly what we get. With a solid, consistent wear pattern and ultra grippy lips, the ZigZags, like most Retro wheels, keep coming up aces. If you are looking for controlled slip to go with your grip, Retro longboard wheels will deliver, packing all the width and lip you need for today's most progressive longboarding.

Longboard wheels are often confused with skateboard wheels.

Your longboard wheels are the critical contact point between you and the pavement, getting the correct set for your board, your riding style and the type of longboard terrain you are riding is just as critical to true longboard performance. Offering an improvement in speed, grip and controlled slip, Original Skateboards carries select longboard wheel lines that we feel live up to their hype.

We don't just stock any longboard wheel, and we don't stock anything we don't ride first. Take a look at our videos and get familiar with our current wheel favorites and keep an eye out for the next generation, when its released, we will be on it.

Side by side, you can see the difference between longboard wheels and normal skateboard wheels. If I were to tell you your longboard wheels had one day to live, how would you ride? Savage skating never felt so right when ripping a carve on a set of seismic longboard wheels.

With a whole lotta the same idea floating around the longboard industry, Seismic presents some of the most creative, and effective, longboard wheel solutions we have seen anywhere. With a focus on hub deisgn and hubbed wheel performance, Seismic has created two of our favorite downhill / cruising wheels in the Blast Wave and Speedvent. With so much focus on the shape and lip of the longboard wheel, it is great to see a progressive push going on on the inside as well. With Seismic wheels, form follows function. If precise longboarding performance is a necesary way of life, Seismic longboard wheels will carry your carves where you want to go.

If I had to choose between Abec 11 longboard wheels and Seismic longboard wheels I might just blow my brains out. 3dm stands out in the crowd with longboard wheels like the hot spots. These longboard wheels won't make a bad skater good, but it should make the ride a lot more fun.

If slalom based pumpability is high on your list, 3dm longboad wheels should be the first place you look for a longboard wheel upgrade. With a winning slalom pedigree and years of development behind them, 3dm is focused on wheel speed and maximum power generation, both on the race coarse and off. Going down into some of the smaller sized wheel designs, like the Cambria, 3dm is our choice for longboards that need some extra juice, but dont have the room for a lot of extra wheel urethane under the hood. If you are looking to put a little spring in your longboard's step, 3dm longboard wheels will do just that.