Longboard Support

Not only are Original longboards the easiest and safest to learn to ride, they are the easiest to own as well. That’s because we think owning a performance longboard should be as enjoyable as riding one. We have constructed not just the longboards, but also the infrastructure necessary to make supporting our riders a piece of cake. We are dedicated to taking care of all of our longboarders and to improving our longboards, trucks and components through co-operative and deliberate work, both on our products, and on our support infrastructure.

To that end, and with the additional goal of knitting our community more tightly together, we are also focusing on video tutorials, instructional learn how to longboard videos and resources to show our the performance improvement our longboads deliver, how to utilize and care for their equipment and how stay safe in the process. If you have a longboard question or a problem that you think we should address via video, let us know, we are hard at work riding and filming. Get involved, we need all the longboarders we can get.

Have a question? Need help choosing a board? Want to carry Original longboards in your shop?

Send us an email and get the answer to your question; customersupport@originalskateboards.com

Original longboards are backed up by a 6 month longboard warranty.

For longboard warranty issues we ask that customers contact us directly by phone, toll free at: (800) 619-5579. Or through the contact form below. We also ask that our dealers direct their customers contact us directly via phone or email so that we can give them the best possible longboard support.

All longboards, longboard trucks, longboard decks and components (excluding wheels and bearings, which wear down) are warranted for 6 months from the time of purchase. We will either repair or replace the longboard or trucks (at our option) to get you back on the road, Quick.

Exceptions to this rule are acts of stupidity, god, aggitated Girlfriends/Boyfriends/Spouses, Parents and Jealous Surfer buddies. Also longboards that suffer excessive damage due to neglect ( Weather damage, large vehicles ect). We will cover any of the listed problems at our discretion and do so whenever possible.

If you have any problem, question, or feel that Original is not the absolute best longboard company you have ever worked with, give us a call, we care about our customers and we will take care of you.

Lifetime longboard mech-support makes owning an Original longboard easy.

Above and beyond our 6 month 100% warranty coverage, Original goes the extra mile for it's longboard riders with Lifetime Mech-Support. If you EVER have a question or a problem with your longboard, longboard trucks, longboard wheels (or any other longboard equipment you purchased from us) we are just a phone call, or an email, away, ready to answer your questions and give you the knowledge you need for longboarding progression. Although we can't offer a lifetime warranty, we can and do support our riders for life. We have got your back, no matter where your longboard takes you.

Lifetime longboard mech-support makes owning an 
                            Original longboard easy.

The honey moon is over. 52 feet of grip tape, 7 sets of wheels and 1 set of rusty ass bearings later your once beautiful flexi and responsive longboard has cut its last carve. It’s time to drop some cash on a fresh ride. Welcome to your longboards second life. Send us any complete longboard for a 20% discount on any single purchase from our web store. Forget the receipt, here in skateboard heaven we don’t hate. Any longboard will be welcomed into this second life.

If we can’t repair your longboard and find it a new home, we will recycle it to our fullest ability, and give the rest a proper burial.