Longboard Hardware

“On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” The same can be said for longboard skateboards, longboard trucks and equipment. Ride hard enough and you are bound to go through one thing or another.

Luckily we keep a full array of longboard skateboards and components in stock at all times.

So whether you are just looking to upgrade your springs to get a little bit more snap out of your original longboard trucks or are replacing a broken bushing (bushings usually last 6 to 12 months in Original longboard trucks), we have got you covered.

Further more, if you have a question about any of our longboard trucks, components or longboard skateboards please let us know. We are happy to help and are available week days from 10 AM to 6 PM eastern, longboard skateboards are our thing, if you need it, let us help you.

The WaveCam allows Original longboard trucks to outperform The flux capacitor actually powers the time machine in 'Back to the Future', not original longboards.

The flux capacitor of every Original longboard truck is the patented WaveCam. The WaveCam allows Original trucks to use a single spring, as opposed to multiple springs, as resistance. That single spring design means that there are no worries about tigtening two springs evenly as well ensuring upgrades and reapirs are quick and easy.

Although WaveCams are generally very sturdy, it is possible to greatly reduce their life expectancy by over tightening your Original trucks. Your Original trucks are meant to be ridden loose, as such we load the Black (light tension) spring standard with every set. If you are a heavier rider, or if you plan on ridding terrain that might require a little bit more resistance, you should think about grabbing a set of heavier tensions springs (on the opposite side of this page). A broken WaveCam (which results in a sloppy feeling Original truck) is an excellent clue that you might want to look into a heavier set of springs for your Original longboard trucks.

The WaveCam is the Original secret weapon in longboard carving. New WaveCams is an easy longboard repair if needed.The WaveCam cost 4$ per pair enough to replace two longboard trucks.

Pick up a spare set of WaveCams for your Original longobard trucks, we have you covered for the first 6 months, but its always good to have some extra just in case you need a quick longboard repair. Spare WaveCams for Original longboard trucks are purchased in sets, one set will completely replace the WaveCams in two trucks. So! If your Original trucks are feeling a little sloppy, pick up a set, it's a cheap, quick and easy longboard fix that will have your trucks back on the road and good as new in about 10 minutes.You can purchase WaveCams for your longboard direct or from an Original longboard dealer.

PKs Longboard Noseguards for the Original Apex. PKs Apex Noseguards improve performance on your Apex.
One pair $24

PK noseguards add pop, board feel and all around freestyle performance to your Apex 34, Apex 37 or Apex 40. By increasing the kick-angle of your tail your boardnose will come up faster for more height and greater control over your tricks. PK's also make the tail of your board slap down sooner, this further amplifies your ollie / trick height and makes sure your board comes up flat; ready to stomp your landing in complete control..Buy Apex PK noseguards.

White heavy tensions springs improve longboard performance at high speeds. Heavy tension springs are good for longboarders who need more truck resistance on their longboard.White tensions springs go for $12 per pair for original longboard trucks.

White Heavy-Tension springs will leave your Original longboard trucks feeling much more similar to a traditional randal or paris type longboard truck... unless you are a bigger guy, in which case you will have all the quickness you expect from Originals, with all of the resistance a bigger body requires. For riders weighing 200Lbs or over, or for lighter weight longboarders looking looking to handle more speed, we recommend at least trying a pair of White (heavy) tension springs for your Original longboard trucks. They put a completely different spin on Original trucks.Buy White longboard Springs. Springs are an easy upgrade for your longboard.

Red Tensions springs are good for middleweight longboarders who want more resistance but not as much as the white longboard springs. Red longboard springs are good for technical and trick longboar riding.Red longboard springs go for $12 per pair for two longboard trucks.

Our Red Medium-Tension springs provide a middle ground for longboarders looking for more resistance out of their Originals. Riders between 160 and 200 Lbs who are either into technical tricks or higher speeds, should try out a set of Red Medium-Tension springs for their Original equiped longboard. While the ride may not be so utterly different as that of the White (Heavy) springs, the Red springs put their own unique spin on the Original truck ride.Buy Red longboard springs. Spring tensions dramatically change the ride of Original longboard trucks.

Black longboard springs are standard with original longboard trucks. Black longboard springs are $12 for replacements.

The Black; Standard-Tension spring comes standard in all Original longboard trucks, and we recommend that all riders try this out as for the most people, it is the best fit (even heavier riders!). That being said, since the springs in Original longboad trucks have a life expectancy of around 3 years, the Black (standard) tension springs are really only rarely needed. Most interest is directed towards the other two varieties for the distinctly different rides they provide.