Longboard Decks by Original Skateboards.

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Cutting edge deck manufacturing.

With 7 years of longboard construction under our belt we put our experience to work engineering each of our longboard decks. Then we cut them out using a precision CNC cutter accurate to 1/1000th of an inch. As far as longboard manufacturing goes, that is seriously cutting edge.

CNC longboard deck manufacturing @ Original Skateboards

Beautifully designed.

With so many longboard decks out there to choose from, we want to make sure our deck designs have an impact. Both on the way you ride and on the look and feel of the industry as a whole. An Original deck is beautifuly crafted, but built to perform, just like a longboard should be. Our trucks arent the only longboard components that are making noise, Original longboard decks will carry your ride, down the mountain and up to the next level. These decks are something different.

Advanced composite construction.

Vertical deck lamination is great, but the results you get when you combine that Vlam with traditional Horizontal deck lamination (for added structural stability) are even better. Original's new H-Vlam gives you the feather light weight of a vertically laminated longboard deck. The VLam (Aspen / Mahogany) core is sandwiched between two layers of horizontally laminated Canadian maple which is then sandwiched between two layers of Bi-axial, pre-impregnated fiberglass (more eco friendly the alternative tri-axial resin base).

Further more the H-Vlam longboard deck construction allows us to easily create multiple flex patterns on the longboards we think need it most. Whether you are a heavy set cruiser or a feather weight flyer, we have your longboard deck, in the flex pattern that fits you, and your longboarding style. Original developed Hybrid Vertical Lamination (H-Vlam) to lower the weight of our decks and improve our flex, but the end result was the opening of our shapes to longboarders of all sizes.