Go Longboard.

Riding can take you where you want to go. Whether you are going out for a cruise on lunch break, carving your local hill after school or taking a cross country road trip to explore the worlds best longboarding locations, the result is the same. Longboarding is the opportunity to turn gravity and forward momentum into a personal experience with your environment, be it beautiful or not so much. See for yourself, get out there and go longboard.

More flex. More pop. More power.

Original raises the carving longboard bar yet again. In its third longboard re-incarnation the Custom 35 is back with avengence. Taking advantage of the same ultra-light, super flexible, H-Vlam longboard core as the Apex 37, the Custom 35 is a more carving specific performance alternative to the dropped-low Apex. If flowing carves, full mahogany rails and a snowboard inspired ride play into your longboard style, the Custom 35 should be your longboard of choice.

Real. Different.

At Original we believe that what makes us different makes us powerful. We believe that innovation and deliberate design, practiced on all aspects of a longboard, can produce a complete longboard package that is greater than the sum of its parts. We have been designing, developing and improving our own ideas for 7 years now, and the difference is clear. Check out our website, watch our videos, and then go ride an Original yourself. Your longboard skateboard can make a difference in how you ride, we are out to make that difference to you.